Personal training helps me focus on various key areas, such as strength, stability, flexibility and movement. This way of coaching allows you to achieve your goals faster and also learn about your body.

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I have experience in treating a wide range of injuries and conditions that cause pain anywhere in the body. From lower back pain to neurological problems. If your injury is muscular, skeletal, joint, nerve, or simply all over pain, I will be able to help.

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I’m Brad Georgiev. My philosophy for personal training is simple – just like every person on earth, every client is different. And that’s how I approach my clients; I study their capabilities, movement, and fitness, then develop a plan to achieve their goals. My aim is to pass on my skills and knowledge I’ve gained from studying sport and physical therapy, that can support your health and fitness journey. My clients train with me in a private gym in Manchester city centre, to ensure they have a comfortable and relaxed environment to achieve their ambitions.

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Brad Brad Georgiev guided by instinct

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