Guided by INSTINCT with Brad Georgiev EP1 – Routines

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Welcome to the first episode of the Guided by INSTINCT series with Brad Georgiev.

The topic of this episode is routines. Learn about my morning, day and evening routines and also about what some very successful people do in their own routines and hopefully apply that knowledge to your own life.

Why is having a routine and the discipline to follow it so important? How can having those change your life for good? These questions and others will be discussed in this podcast, which will be relevant to all aspects of life – fitness, mental health, professional and personal.

I will also present to you some of the advice of very successful people, as the easiest way to learn is to take guidance from those who have already achieved what you are aiming for. Hopefully, their success will inspire you to start looking into creating the right routine that is suitable for you.