Based on my experience from the past 6 years, working with various people and working on myself, I came to one conclusion. Developing a relationship with any kind of food is nutritional suicide. I am aware that food is a big social aspect of our lives. It brings people together and allows us to relax in the company of friends. However, what is the true essence of food? I am not interested in talking about food in terms of losing weight or gaining muscle. Those two are the consequences of having a good eating routine. I am going to focus on the most quintessential aspect of food.

In order for me to explain my eating routine and give you the best advice, I will have to start from the most basic reason for the existence of food – SURVIVAL. The nutrients, which we derive from food is what is keeping our organism alive in the first place. The combination of water and food is what preserves us and allows us to experience more of life. The moment we stop the income of those two, our lives will start to diminish until they are completely gone. My views on this come from a place of someone, who is aiming to experience life as long as possible. I am not living day for day, I have certain expectations for my body and mind. And food is what will allow me to make those expectations a reality.


People express the following statements very often – ‘’I love food!’’, or ‘’I can not live without chocolate’’ (or whatever that is, could be even steak, this goes for both ‘’healthy’’ and ‘’unhealthy’’ options). The moment that is said, the brain remembers. Next time it sees chocolate, it will remind the person of those words and the person will eat some chocolate, regardless of what time of day, or how much of it. Developing that relationship with food is what stops people from seeing its true purpose. And just like with any relationship, there is commitment.

My philosophy with food is that I use it to my advantage, I am grateful for it being there and helping me on my way. However, the moment the food is in my belly, I will forget about its taste and focus on digesting the real quality – and that is the nutrients. Taste is only temporary, the quality of the nutrients is what will make you stronger, leaner, faster, more mindful. If I have any relationship with food, it is with the quality nutrients that certain foods provide for my body, and definitely not the taste (in no way does this mean that quality food does not have taste).


What is alchemy? Alchemy is the deconstruction of a certain object in order to break it down to its utmost basic materials and the reconstruction of a completely new object, using the same materials. What does that have to do with food? Everything!

The moment we consume a certain food, the process of alchemy begins. The food will be deconstructed so that our bodies can derive whatever they need from it. What is left will be cleaned out of the body, but that does not mean it is useless. The remnants of that will then feed the earth, which will derive whatever she needs from it and use it to create plants and feed itself. Those plants will then be eaten by an animal, the nutrients that the earth has taken out of those remnants will be used to purify water and this goes on for eternity.

As you can see, everything has a purpose in this world and hopefully, now you understand the essential one of food. Without it, there will be no alchemy and alchemy is life.

I will continue this article in MY EATING ROUTINE AND HABITS.

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